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Tabletop turn-based Wargaming brought to the PC/Mac, set in an exciting new fantasy world envisioned by legendary writer Gav Thorpe!

Brian (from The Megas) is composing the music for this game and he’s a very good friend of mine, so I really want to see this do well! Here’s what he had to say in his initial post on Facebook:

I’ve teamed up with a new indie studio #WarpForgedGames as composer and sound designer on a new PC game called #MarkofWar and we are seeking funding on (wait for it…) Kickstarter (I know, who does Kickstarter anymore). If you’ve heard of or played a tabletop game like Warhammer, we are basically recreating that experience on the PC.

This is my first venture into the crowd funding universe. What does this mean for you? A few things:

1. You’ll be seeing massive posting about #tabletopgaming #wargaming #MarkofWar over the next 30 days from me
2. You’ll most likely be peer-pressured into funding our campaign. (Like, a dollar peer-pressure)
3. You’ll be invited to join the Mark of War Facebook (Like it or else)
4. You’ll get to hear some epic orchestral action (or as epic as samples will allow)

I’m thanking you and apologizing ahead of time. Our goal is $500K and the first few days are super critical for momentum. If you’re not into tabletop gaming (I completely understand) so please consider donating a dollar. Number of pledges goes along way!

Preeesh! (i appreciate)


Also donating a dollar would really, really, really help them out!

Thank you guys so much in advance!

xo Chere


Right!?! This is a necessary thing! We has to help it hatch!

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